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Book Distribution

Both Amazon.com will carry your book, and R.R. Bowker Company's Books in Print will list your book. Any library or bookstore can find the necessary information to order your book once we list it in Books in Print.

Ithaca Press has an exciting and innovative program. We create a professional, customized Website for your book. You may choose the name www.YourBookTitle.com or www.YourName.com. Once your customized Website is available on the Internet literally thousands of potential readers can find your book.

Buyers can purchase your book through a secure Merchant Account that Ithaca Press provides for your Website. This means that buyers can purchase your book directly from your Website. Readers and fans may purchase your book with an order form they can print from the site or by credit card. The order is immediately received and then filled by Ithaca Press. Distribution through your customized Website offers a new and unique distribution avenue.

Any reader, library or bookstore can purchase your books from your website or directly from Ithaca Press.

Royalty Payments
Usually royalty payments for printed books sold range from 5% to 20%. The difference in the payout is based on retail price, sale price, cost of production and discounted rate. Ithaca Press will calculate your royalty payments based on these factors.

Order Copies of Your Book

Author Discount
Authors can order copies of their book(s) from Ithaca Press at a discounted price. You can then resell the books at the retail price, and you keep the profit.

Many authors find that placing their books in local bookstores, specialty shops, gift shops, museum shops, clubs and local businesses is an effective way to greatly increase sales. Remember the people in your community may have a great deal of interest in reading your book.

Reminder: We know it is exciting to have your book in bookstores; however, bookstores and other resellers demand a very large discount therefore reducing your profit. The most profitable way to sell books is for you, the author, to purchase books at a discounted rate and resell books at retail or through sales from the Author Customized Website.

Once you become an author with Ithaca Press, we have marketing consultants who are prepared to discuss marketing strategies for your book.

Request a quote.

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