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Market on the Internet

Author Customized Website
After your book is published with Ithaca Press, we give you a powerful tool to reach your target market. The best way to effectively and instantly reach thousands of people around the world is with an Author Customized Website.

Whether you are a novice or an Internet expert our Internet staff and Information Technology staff will help design your website to enhance marketing that can increase your sales, get your book known, and let people find you, the author. We know the elements of a good website, and we use them for you and your book.

In this fast-paced market, it is important that you understand the importance of a Website. This is no longer a world of just business cards, yellow pages advertisement, TV and radio advertisements. With an Author Customized Website, we give your fans and potential readers information about your book(s), along with an About the Author section so people who come to your site can learn about you. Your book can be purchased at your Website on the Secure Shopping Cart that is easy to use.

We will gather information from you about how to reach potential markets for your book.

A year of web hosting is included in your Ithaca Press Basic Marketing plan.

Ithaca Press is able to furnish other marketing ideas for you. Even if you do not use the Internet, your web site gives your book exposure to thousands of people around the world, and you do not have to do a thing except help us find the market for your book. We can add personal appearances, articles written about you, a Contact the Author section. Do not worry if you do not use the Internet we will forward your mail to you via postal service. We find that those letters and comments you receive may well give you ideas for more books. Remember there are probably people interested in reading what you are writing.

We know that if you do the job right the first time it saves everyone time and money in the long run. At Ithaca Press, we plan every aspect of publishing your book so in just a few weeks you can be a published author with an Author Customized Website.

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