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Manuscript Preparation

Getting your book published starts with a manuscript preparation. Ithaca Press will send you an Author Letter of Agreement. Once Ithaca Press receives the signed letter we will begin work on getting your book published. The Letter of Agreement will also include information about how you want copyright information and how you, the author, want your name written. You can also attach author biographical information, acknowledgments, preface, introduction, foreword, contents and back cover information.

Once your manuscript is accepted for publication, the next step in publishing your book is getting the entire manuscript in an electronic form, either PC or Macintosh file format.

(Please note: If you have only a hard copy of your manuscript you can convert the manuscript into an electronic form, or for an additional fee our staff will word process your manuscript for you.) You do not need to design the chapters; we want the manuscript in text form only.

We can receive electronic files via email, floppy disk, zip disk or CD/ROM.

If you have any questions about the appropriate format for your manuscript or any other questions about how to get a book published...

Ithaca Press is available to help you. Request a quote.

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