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Marketing Your Book

Pricing Your Book
You should price your book appropriately. Ithaca Press will suggest a range of pricing, minimum and maximum recommended price. Ithaca Press and you, the author, decide the final price for your book.

Press Release/Book Summary
After your book is published you may be invited to be a guest on radio shows or television shows. Newspapers or other media may want to interview you, or you may make other personal appearances.

Many authors sell their own books at presentations and seminars. These appearances will require professional press release material.

Ithaca Press will furnish you with a professional outline or synopsis of your book. When you promote your book, you will use this valuable press release material over and over again.

You will be glad you have this ready and available for your use.

Author Copies
We will provide 20 books free of charge to the author. We know that you, the author, want to get your new book to friends and family, and in local bookstores. Like many authors, you may want to autograph these first copies. You may want some books to send to radio stations, television stations, newspapers or magazines. Before you are interviewed or appear as a guest, most hosts will want to review your book. A good review from a host can increase sales of your book.

The timing for the release of your book is very important. Some memoirs and books make wonderful gifts for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, retirements and holidays. Professionals often need books at a specific time for seminars, presentations or clients. Ithaca Press makes every effort to meet important deadlines for the author.

You can purchase additional copies of your book at a discounted rate.

Author Promotion and Support
After years of research, experience and working with some of the best experts available, Ithaca Press offers you sophisticated and innovative marketing.

Basic Marketing of Your Book:
  • Registration of your book(s) in Books in Print
  • Registration of your book(s) on Amazon.com
  • Summary information for press release
  • Author Customized Website and Free Web Hosting for one year. Your Author customized Website will contain:
  • Detailed information about your book(s)
  • Information about you the author
  • Cover image of your book(s) published with Ithaca Press
  • Free E-mail address
  • Secure Merchant Account for Credit Card purchases
  • Most professionals, experts and others who write a book to explain their expertise want a supply of books on hand at all times. Ithaca Press will work with you to try to meet your deadlines.
Reminder: Once you become an author with Ithaca Press, we have marketing consultants who are prepared to discuss marketing strategies for your book.

Marketing Consultants from Ithaca Press are available to discuss other marketing strategies.

Worldwide Marketing
Ithaca Press will develop unique marketing for your book. While your book is being published, our web design team will create a customized and professionally designed Website for you and your book. We suggest printing this Website address on the back of your book. Most authors prefer to place this web address under the 'About the Author', for example "www.YourName.com" or "www.YourBookTitle.com".

The Internet is the best way to reach thousands of readers around the world. This is one of the best ways for you to begin promoting your book. Readers also can purchase your book from this site. Ithaca Press will provide the merchant account and distribution.

After your site is established, up and running we can add your appearances, upcoming new books, or other information you want your readers to know for a small fee.

Request a quote.

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